Welcome to the dark recesses of the Underdark! Deep within the bowels of the earth, the Vault of the Spider Queen houses the infamous artifact, the Egg of Lolth. It's ebon surface pulses with the abyssal energies of the Demon Queen of Spiders, corrupting the minds of anyone foolish enough to draw near. Who among you is bold enough to seize this powerful relic? More importantly, who has the strength to hold onto the fragile ovum of power?

Team Princess has started this round out with a decent lead, fueled by some rather impressive die rolls. Let's see if the Spider-Killers can pull things around now that they're not totally screwed by initiative and, hopefully, bad luck.


  1. Mysterio, dying on the ground, ends his own life so that others may suffer. He follows a moral code like that.

    Mysterio respawns at his old hunting ground: Location (2).

  2. "you bloody princesses, you'd be nothing without the slave labor of child-artists chained to heir colored pencils!". Just then, there is a burst of sea-spray as a great white shark bursts from the wall behind them, scaring the princesses and forcing them to find safety in the webs. At the same time, the ball of light that is tinker bell explodes, showering he area with tiny sparks.

    Once the princesses have fallen for his illusions, Mysterio unleashes another burst of light from his suit, stumbling forward toward his majesty and the pit...

    Wizards fury as a minor action against think, that's 7+5 force damage...should drop her.

    Standard action: Use howling wall vs Ariel and aurora...+5 vs fort. Use MoTL on Aurora if need be...Slide to D17 and E17 respectively on a hit. Both are slowed as well on a hit.

    Action Point: use glorious prescence on aurora and Milan if I hit Aurora. +5 vs will, 2d6+5 damage and slide them overboard into the pit.
    If I need MotL here and have not used, use it!

    Move action, shift to H14.

    1. Glorious Presence is a push. Does that change your plans?

    2. Out of curiosity, how are you doing 7+5 with magic missle?

    3. And by AP for glorious presence, I meant howling wall again. No need to push, want to slide them into the pit. Wall placed from D17 to I17.

    4. @benoit...7 damage + the 5 vulnerable.

    5. Ahh, thanks. Forgot about that... I was jealous for a minute there.

      @Ross, I will use staff of defense if applicable. Adds +3 to a defense.

    6. Whew! I apologize for the hideousness of the map when filtered through the lens of open office. It'll look wayyyy better in the morning.

      Tinkerbell is dropped by the strange powers of Mysterio! Can her sisters come to her aid in time? I'm not sure, but I can't see a reason for Mulan to NOT use Dark Reaping, so she will deal (7)+3 extra necrotic damage on her next attack.

      Howling Wall v. Ariel: (2)+5 vs. Fortitude 13; MISS!
      Roll a two, drink the hooch!
      Can Memory of a Thousand Lives save Mysterio's day? ... (4)! No!
      Howling Wall v. Aurora: (14)+5 vs. Fortitude 12; HIT!

      The pawns are in position for the grand master...
      Howling Wall vs. Aurora: (16)+5 vs. Fortitude 12; HIT!
      Save vs. Death (1): FAIL! First Princess Death!
      Howling Wall vs. Mulan: (20) CRITICAL HIT!
      Save vs. Death (15): SUCCESS! Thou art prone.

      Ariel starts her turn in the webs and next to Venom, immobilized by his sticky strands (save ends).


  3. Ariel cocks her head to the side and regards venom. "No, no, that won't do at all. You're much too ugly. I think you'd look much better as a fish." She presses the point of her father's trident into his chest and mutters something. Then, without looking she flicks her other hand towards Carnage. "And you can die," she mutters as a tiny orb of water streaks out of her hand directly at his head. "...now let's see what I can do about these nasty strands holding me back..."

    Standard: Beast Switch on Venom
    +5 vs. FORT
    Hit: 1d8+5 , slide him to A-16, and he cannot make opportunity attacks until the end of my next turn.

    Minor: Magic Missle on Carnage for 7 damage (I'll take the OA if I don't hit Venom)

    Save vs. Immobilize

  4. Er, Ross, that first Magic Missile attack would have made the conditions we set up for my Daily.

    1. Oh right, I didn't think to pull that trigger since it doesn't penalize the triggering attack. But, of course, it can completely kill a dude. Let's do some rolling ...

  5. Hold the phone!

    Mysteio's plans are called into question, a deft arrow shot out from Aurora's bow bringing the inquiry; a Warning Shot to Tinkerbell.

    (5)+7 vs. Reflex 15; MISS!
    for one-half (2)+(5)+(8)+4 = 9 damage!

    Tinkerbell has no ranged weapons on hand (unless you count chucking a shortsword, which is just silly and I'm not dignifying that with a roll), so the secondary effect of the Daily power does not come into play.

    A big gambit that could have paid off well! Such is the life of FTDM. Moving onto Ariel's turn ...

  6. Carnage is dropped by a burst of saltwater and seaweed from far across the dark cave. GARGLE GARGLE GARGLE

    Beast form: (9)+5 vs. Fortitude 13; HIT!
    for (4)+5 damage, slide away, and Venom's muscular arms are powerless to stop all the frolicking opportunity attacks around him! He has the last laugh, however, as his legacy continues to bind Ariel in place.

    Save vs. Venom's Webs (1): FAIL!

    Venom's turn is up and he may now take his revenge!

    1. Apologies, I forgot to mention that Beast Switch also prones. So Venom is also prone, though with spider climb, I don't believe he takes any damage from the webs.

  7. Black tentacles lift Venom back upright and he glares into the darkened, tentacle-formed webs that hold Ariel still.

    "Don't like being strung up, deary? Well just wait. You aren't even worth my time."

    His head whips back around towards the Hun fighting warrior. As the blackened ooze of his suit seals up his wounds and he goes barreling through the webs towards Mulan. A long blackened tendril lashes out from his forearm as Venom swings hard to knock the Chinese warrior into the pit.


    move action: stand up.

    minor action: dwarven resilience, second wind to use healing surge regaining 5 hitpoints and gain +2 bonus to all defenses until start of my next turn.

    standard action: charge Mulan using FLESH REND, +9 vs. AC (includes +1 for charge), 1d10+8 necrotic damage and I slide Mulan into pit and target takes -2 penalty to attack rolls until the start of my next turn as well.

    1. If that provokes an OA, I'll try to jab him in the temple with the handle of the trident as he charges by:
      +1 vs. AC
      Hit: 1d8+1

      Unless doing so is going to trigger some sort of immediate action from the Spider Killers.

    2. Apologies guys for taking so long, my sonofabitch phone did not tell me of the new Comment!

      Joe, you are unfortunately in the dreaded "Doughnut Hole of Charging", or as my regular players like to say "Screw you, Ross."

      After standing, Venom has naught left but a Minor and Standard Action. Charging requires a movement of at least 2 squares, in a straight line, towards the closest square to your target. Thus, there is only one square open that you can charge through, negating the prereq of moving at least 2 squares.

      Terrible, I know. Such a weird corner case rule.

    3. He's charging Mulan, not Ariel

    4. D'oh! Get it together, Ross!

      Venom, imbued with the Blessing of Spider Climbs, thrives in the company of his arachnid brethren in the cave webbing.

      OA from Ariel: (14)+1 vs. AC 16+2; MISS!
      Charge Mulan: (8)+7 +1 {charge} +2 {CA for prone Mulan} vs. AC 18; HIT!
      for (7)+8 damage and slide into the pit? (13); SAFE!

      Mulan is savagely attacked by the black-clawed monster called Venom, but manages to hold onto dear life , grasping at the edge of a bottomless pit in the heart of the underworld.

      Aurora springs back into life at Location (3), coming in with sights on the Green Goblin.

  8. Mushu's aura grants concealment, giving me an AC of 20 while within 2 squares.

    1. Ah yes, thank you, good catch! Consider Mulan safely back to 18 hp.

  9. Aurora rubs the sleep from her eyes. How long had she been asleep? She spots a grotesque target and moves to a better position for a shot.


    Move: To M8 to play spider roulette.
    Standard: Cutting Words against Green Goblin. +4 vs Will, on hit 1d8+4 and I pull him to I7 to see if goblins can fly.

  10. Aurora moves onto the spider altar to receive the Blessing of Lolth (5): Spell Resistance

    Imbued with magical protection, she taunts the Green Goblin fiercely and (with her forced move boosting feat) slides him over and OH! so close, he catches the edge and clings to life.
    (10)+4 -2 {ranged v. prone} vs. Will 10; HIT!
    for (3)+4 damage and Save vs. Death (10)

    Mulan starts her turn on the ground under the slavering maw of Venom, her zephyr fliying overhead.

  11. Mulan calls up to Mushu, who swoops down and scoops her up, depositing her in a better vantage point.
    Move: Mushu moves down into Mulan's square, who stands up. Because Mushu occupies her square Mulan is able to shift to H17.
    Minor: Healing Word on Tink. Surge+d6 hit points.
    Standard + Action Point: I will use Twin Strike twice. I will target Mysterio until he drops, then Venom until he drops, and then Green Goblin until he drops. Hey, I *could* roll all 20's.

    1. Shouldn't Mulan have to escape from the demon web before standing? And shouldn't she have taken the poison damamge?

    2. @Kurt: Correct! Mulan is grabbed by the webs and poisoned (5 damage) by the thousands of spiders residing within. I will rule that Mulan's move action will be to stand in the webs and proceed with the attacks (as Venom is currently incapable of hitting her with any OA's), and NOT be able to shift away with her zephyr's help. She may redo the move action of the zephyr if she wishes.

      Tinkerbell is healed (6)+6 hp by the reassuring soliloquy of Mulan.

      @Ian Ramsey: When you can, please post up your attack and damage numbers for me. It's not a big deal, but it makes a lot less hassle for the DM.


      v. Mysterio: (2)+7 vs. AC 15; MISS!
      Roll a two, drink the hooch!
      v. Mysterio: (19)+7 vs. AC 15; HIT!
      for (7)+5 damage! That JUST BARELY drops Mysterio, triggering Stormhawk's Vengeance again! Ba-bam!
      v. Venom: (14)+7 vs. AC 16; HIT!
      for (5)+5 damage!
      v. Venom: (1) HUMILIATION!

      Oh man, what a BLOODBATH!!! Mulan was unable to keep the AP train going and missed out on a Killing Spree, but the field is now ripe for everyone else to pick up what she started and clear the field.

      GREEN GOBLIN, now is the opportunity to show your true quality.

    3. Also, Mulan gets a save vs. the ongoing spider poison damage.

    4. Quite right! Also, Mysterio takes an extra 10 necrotic from Mulan's earlier Dark Reaping. One point from gibbed!

      Save vs. Poison (20); Critical Save!

    5. Correction: Mysterio is gibbed! Right on the nose! Score is 3:1 in favor of the Princesses.

    6. @Kurt: Mulan did take the poison damage, as shown in the map I just now updated, and standing up while grabbed is a-ok.

      GAME ON!!!

  12. After a first round of pretty solid rolling I nab my self a '1' and a '2' for my nova round.
    Benoit; I have to say, I'll agree Beast Switch didn't seem like it'd be super useful but it has really kicked ass this past round.
    FTDM; My bad, I'll provide the numbers from now on.

  13. Fluff:
    The Green Goblin jumps to his feet. “Hey, the Pretty Pretty Princesses are BITCHES!!! Time for them to DIE!!!” The Goblin runs around and up the wall. He pulls out two pumpkins (“from where?” you may ask… and I reply “don’t ask questions you really don’t want to know the answer to”).

    “Aurora, I filled this one with needles, pins, and other assorted metal bits from the craft store (hey, you can buy skin tight purple leotards off the rack). And the closest thing we have to a prince is Venom, and he uses WAY too much tongue for his wake up kisses.”

    “Tinkerbell, the applause isn’t because people believe in fairies, it’s because they like seeing you dead.”

    Move: Stand.

    Minor: Hunter’s Quarry on Aurora.

    Standard: Skirmish Shot move to F4 and then back to J7 and as far up the wall ask I can get (hey I have spider climb, might as well use it). Attack vs. Aurora +8 (7 + 1 due to prime shot) vs. AC. On a hit I use Furious Assault and Hunter’s Quarry so I do 3d10+1d6+5 damage.

    AP: Guardian Pumpkin (Guardian Arrow) vs. Tinkerbell. +5 (7 -2 due to Tink being prone :( ) vs. AC. On a hit 2d10 + 5, miss half damage, them +5 due to vulnerability. Effect when ever Tink attacks Carnage, the Green Goblin gets a RBA against Tink and an immediate interrupt.

    Free: Put my “bow” away.

    1. Blessing (6): Faerie Fire. Not only an aptly named boon, but also a very advantageous one as the CA will be a great benefit to the forthcoming hail of pumpkins. The Green Goblin can't actually get much up the wall, as he no longer has Spider Climb (it being replaced by a new Blessing.)

      Skirmish Shot vs. Aurora: (15)+7 +1 {Prime} +2 {CA} vs AC 16; SOLID HIT!
      for (8)+(7)+(1) + (4)+5 = 25 damage! A brutal assault that leaves Aurora gasping for life!

      Guardian Pumpkin vs. Tinkerbell: (19)+7 -2 {prone} +2 {CA} vs. AC 17; HIT!
      for (8)+(4)+5 +5 {vulnerable} = 22 damage! Tinkerbell is slammed back down onto the ground!

      CARNAGE kills himself rather than be left out of the bloodshed, aprpearing at Location (3)!

  14. Carnage awakens once more, his desire to kill only growing stronger. Seeing two bruised and battered princesses, he moves in for the kill. "What colour do you bleed, little princesses?".


    Standard: Cutting Words vs Aurora
    +6 vs Will
    Hit: 1d8+5 psychic damage, and pull 3 squares (to M6).

    If this drops Aurora:

    Move: Fly to M8.

    Minor: Sustain Crown of Stars
    Attack vs Mulan
    +6 vs Will
    Hit: 5 radiant damage.
    OOC: I'm not sure if this attack counts as a "ranged" attack. If so, prone and concealment would affect the roll. (+4 vs Will 12)"

    If Cutting Words doesn't drop Aurora:

    Move to F4, and sustain Crown of Stars to attack Aurora
    +7 (6 +1 Shadow Twist) vs Will

  15. Cutting Words: (9)+6 vs. Will 16; MISS!
    Oh so close!!!!!!!

    Carnage receives Blessing (5): Spell Resistance

    Crown of Stars: (6)+6 +1 vs. Will 16; MISS!

    Tinkerbell dies, choking on her own blood, but then someone in the audience starts clapping so she Respawns on Carnage's heels at Location (3)! The egg lof Lolth is reset to its starting point.

  16. OOC: No fluff for today


    Move: Fly to M8

    Standard: Charge to K7 w/ Backstab against Green Goblin
    +14 vs AC
    4d6+7 damage

    1. Keepin' it brief! I;m all for it. Back in my day, we didn't even name our dungeoneers.

      Going through square M8, Tinkerbell receives the Blessing (1): Whip of Agony. Her basic melee attacks now have threatening reach 5.

      Charge: (14)+14 vs. AC 18; HIT!
      for (1)+(4)+(4)+(2)+7 = 18 damage!

      Green Goblin is bloodied 3 HP!

      Map updates in the early afternoon.


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