Deep within the bowels of the earth, the Vault of the Spider Queen houses the infamous artifact, the Egg of Lolth. It's ebon surface pulses with the abyssal energies of the Demon Queen of Spiders, corrupting the minds of anyone foolish enough to draw near. Who among you is bold enough to seize this powerful relic? 

Blessing of the Spider Queen: 1/turn a dungeoneer that moves into a space containing a spider symbol immediately gains a blessing. Green symbols confer a random blessing, while the red symbol confers a blessing of the dungeoneer’s choice. Blessings persist until death or a new blessing is gained.
  1. Whip of Agony: Gain threatening reach 5 (with all melee attacks)
  2. Spider Climb: Gain a climb speed equal to your speed +2. You are unaffected by demon webs 
  3. Child of the Night: Gain total concealment (-5 to melee and ranged attacks made against you)
  4. Lolth's Sting: Gain a +10 bonus to damage rolls
  5. Spell Resistance: Gain a +5 bonus to saving throws
  6. Faerie Fire: Gain combat advantage against all enemies
  7. Evasion: Gain a +5 bonus to defenses against area and close attacks
  8. Bat Wings: Gain a fly speed of 5
Bridges: The rickety wooden bridges are difficult terrain.

Cave Walls: The walls of the cave rise 20 ft. to the ceiling above (DC 10 athletics to climb).

Demon Webs (hazardous terrain): These webs are infested with thousands of poisonous abyssal spiders. Squares containing webs (including squares directly above) are difficult terrain. If a dungeoneer is knocked prone on a square containing webs, they are immediately grabbed (DC 15 acrobatics or athletics to escape) and take ongoing 5 poison damage (save ends).

Egg of Lolth: The fabled artifact begins the match resting on the altar at the centre of the map. An adjacent dungeoneer can retrieve it with a minor action. Once the egg is claimed, it can only be released upon that dungeoneer's death. If a dungeoneer carrying the egg is dropped to 0 or fewer hit points, the egg immediately returns to the altar.

Egg of Lolth
Wondrous Item
Property: Gain vulnerable 5 all
Property: If you reduce an enemy with at least 1 hit point to 0 or fewer hit points, the enemy’s team gains an extra death for scoring purposes.

Humiliation: A creature rolling a natural 1 on an attack roll is knocked prone immediately after the attack. Being knocked prone in this way cannot be negated in any way.

Killing Spree:

Killing Spree
Terrain Power
At-Will (1/turn)
Trigger: You reduce 2 or more enemies with at least 1 hit point to 0 or fewer hit points during the same turn.
Effect (free action): Gain an action point. You may spend more than 1 action point per encounter, but only 1 per round.

Ochre Jelly (hazardous terrain): Squares containing the ochre jelly are difficult terrain. 1/turn a dungeoneer that starts its turn or willingly enters a square containing or adjacent to the ochre jelly takes 5 acid damage.

Pit (hazardous terrain): The pit is bottomless. If a dungeoneer ends a turn over a pit, it dies.


Terrain Power
At-Will * teleportation
Trigger: You start your turn dead, dying or begin your first turn of the encounter.
Effect (no action): If you are dying, you die. You regain all hit points and healing surges, remove failed death saves and conditions, refresh all encounter powers and power points, and teleport to a random teleport square. If the destination teleport square is occupied, that creature dies.

Comments and criticisms welcome!


  1. I love it! Want to play it!

    Is the jelly that thing in C/D-2/3 ? Does it move?

    Are the bridges/webs difficult terrain for flyers or climbers?

    1. Thanks!

      Yes, the jelly is in C/D-2/3. It does not move.

      The bridges are not difficult terrain for flyers, but the webs are.

  2. I REALLY like this map. It's clean, lots of terrain that should prove interesting to navigate, the power ups are clear and decent, but not over powered. I'm anxious to give it a whirl!

  3. Thanks; that's exactly what I was going for!

  4. Quick question: How long do the blessings last? Until the dungeoneer dies, or do they persist for the entire match?

    1. :P until the dungeoneer dies or gains a new blessing (new blessings replace old ones).

  5. After playing the map, I'd suggest changing Child of Night to only partial concealment. Giving an effect +5 to defenses makes people really hard to hit and seem not to jive with FTDM philosophy (more blood = more fun).

    1. Child of the Night and Evasion were included to try and force versatility in approach to the map.

      I could reduce them both to +2 to defenses, but I worry that would make them rather on the bland side.

  6. per creature. the idea was to prevent a dungeoneer from walking on and off of a symbol until he got the desired blessing.

    1. Catching yourself from falling is just a saving throw.