Play--by-Post Match 10: Rounds 5 & 6 E7M1 Danger Room

Wonder Rogue, perhaps the most bad-ass Superheroine yet, rejoins the fight! Stealing the queen of storms gene makes her a fan-fiction dream!
Longshot, however, has other plans!  Wonder Gals is thrown into the pit, and Batman goes tumbling to the location 2 spawn point...for a third killing spree! 
Can the Skald from Mars save him once again? 
Its all for naught, as a Colossal Omega Red telefrags batman and his temp hp! Omega then flays Green Arrow and J'onn, unleashing havoc on the board!  
 The Cyclonic Nightcrawler tries to trap the legendary flying Phoenix, but comes up with another voidsoul pit instead!  
Batman rejoins the fight, bringing his winterized batsuit!  And its a good thing, as Nightcrawler was completely unprepared for the vicious blizzard that was just dropped on him!
 Every wonder what Superman would be like with a german accent, a tail, and blue skin, me too.  Lets find out?  
Oh Newly respawned Stormpool, is this show another rerun? 
The Berserkerball goes all out, dropping Batman and Superman...The Joker and Lex would be  SOOOOO Jealous.
Careful with your Cajun Green Arrow, you'll spice your eye out!  He drops deadpool to the ground just as his witty retorts hit GA.
A pulse of sonic energy deafens Longshot, J'onn, Deadpool, and Omega Red...guess who will have the toughest time NOT talking for now? 
WonderCrawler (or did Wonder Woman get fused with a creature from Avatar?) cuts Deadpool and Omega Red deeply, putting the Colossus on the ropes!
Longshot, hoarding the powers of magnetism for himself, does not fear for his teams safety, it seems.  He rips J'onn from the air, and throws Omega Red's body agains the northern console.
When J'onn respawns, hovering over the ground, he holds Rogues power within him.  Will he reach out and touch someone?  Of course he will!  Cannonball goes to the floor again!
Omega Red lashes out at both J'onn and  Wonder Woman, slicing Diana with his razor-sharp wings, but missing with everything else! 
Nightcrawler, can you make up for your comrades failures? 
Batman takes out his prone fury on Cannonball, the score is SOOOO CLOSE!  Will the Justice League seize the moment and take the lead here in the last few turns?
The Man of Steel rushes at Omega Red, who's tentacles save him from spending eternity in the void all alone! 
Deadpool, are you paying attention?  Stop reading comic books and join the fight! 
Cannonball huffs and he puffs, but all he can do is knock Superman down!  
He is watching Green Arrow though, how will the last turn play out?


  1. WW respawns at location 2, now the strongest amazon ever to have walked the earth!

    1. Lets make this a threesome!
      Activate with Aspect of Charging Ram
      Move: E10-E9-F8
      Standard: Use Power Absorption on Cannonball +8 vs Reflex with Heroic effort if necessary.


      Power absorption:
      (12)+8=20 vs reflex 12...hit! Cannonball loses his x-gene, is knocked unconscious, and yes, we now have a three way inside the head of WW. Only question is, who's in control?

      Longshot, go, Go, GO!

  2. "Looks like its going to be longshot vs the ladies...sorry Bats, your kinda a downer, Go away now, the champion needs to spend time with his spoils of war"

    OOC: move to H3, minor to throw HQ onto WW, then sustain master of magnetism. That should leave only WW et al and batman as targets. Gots to steer clear of my teammates this round! If I hit them, slide towards the voidsoul pit, entering the pit via E10.

    If I get a killing spree again, Use it to attack green arrow with radiant vengeance, +4 vs reflex, 1d8+4 radiant damage and I gain 4 THP.

  3. MoM vs WW:
    (9)+8=17 vs Ref 17..hit!...(3+5+8)=16-10 resist =6 damage and slid to the pit..save vs pit = (6)= 3 girls, one pit! all GIBBED! well, that didn't last long!

    MoM vs Batman:
    (8)+8+2=18 vs Ref 17...hit!...for 16 damage, Bats is at -10! Slid to E10 then pit save= (11)! No gibb, but Batman is clearly waiting for a telefrag!

    Killing Spree gained! Again!

    Radiant Vengeance vs Green Arrow: (14)+4=18 vs Ref 13..hit! for (7)+4=11 damage. GA is @ 12 hp! Longshot gains 4 THP, will be noted above!

    J'onn, prone from the piston, your turn!

  4. Laying on the ground, the Martian reaches over to the unconscious cannonball, and yanks off the eXile's head before shapeshifting into a bird, and flying high above the arena.

    Std: CDG on Cannonball (+8 vs. AC (+2 CA -2 prone). 13 damage, if this is greater than Cannonball's bloodied value he dies. If he's still alive I'll use Lesser Flash of Distraction to daze him), Batman gains 5 THP
    Minor: Nature's Mask into a bird
    Move: Fly to F7, 5 squares up (provokes an OA from Deadpool).

    1. Correction: I forgot about Deadpool's Divine Sanction, so I'll attack Deadpool instead of Cannonball. Same stats, +8 vs. AC 1d8+5 damage, dazed if he isn't dead.

    2. MBA vs Deadpool:
      (20!)+8= CRIT! Deadpool takes 13 damage and is at 0 hp and dying! I assume then you don't want to daze him?

      Batman gains 5 THP, still at -10 HP...THP won't prevent him from respawning soon though!

      No OAs from either opponent (both unconscious)and you fly away Martian Crane!

    3. Oh, and I forgot, DP has stormhawks vengeance! MM takes 10 and is at 3 hp!

  5. The Colossus Omega Red respawns at location 2...telefragging the Batman! OK big boy, don't let your team down this time!

  6. As per email:
    Move: to D/E 6/7
    Standard: Spirit Flay on Martian Manhunter and Green Arrow (reach from Colossus and weapon, 2 squares tall). +7 vs.ref. 1d10+8 damage & dazed until end of Omega Red's next turn. Effect gain partial concealment until end of next turn.
    Free: use Conviction of Shadows if either drops to 0. Gain insubstantial and phasing.
    If activate killing spree, Action Point: Rend Flesh on newly healed Martian Manhunter. +7 vs. AC. 1d10+8 slide to F6 down 1, take -2 on attacks until end of next turn.

    SF vs MM:
    (18)+7=25...hit! for (10)+8=18 damage...MM is dropped below 0, so the Phoenix rising power goes off...
    GA takes 10, is at 2,
    NC takes 10, is at 14,
    Deadpool takes 10, is at -10,
    Longshot takes 10, loses 4 THP and drops to 11 hp...MM back up with 11 hp!

    SF vs GA:
    (10)+7=17..hit!...for (2)+8=10 damage.. GA @ -8 hp and dazed!

    Omega Red becomes a ghost...

    Thus killing spree was gained!

    Spending AP on Rend Flesh:
    (16)+7 vs AC...hit! for (2)+8=10 damage. MM is now at 1 hp and slid to F6!

    Map updates later this morning, Nightcrawler takes 5 damage from the legacy virus (now at 9hp)..go!

    1. Oh, and before I forget (sorry, that was a long post)...Nightcrawlers laser eyes shot off in the direction of (5)...from D8-N8..JUST missing everyone there! Rats!

    2. As part of my ongoing Disruptive Words aura, as soon as Longshot takes damage from my Pheonix-y-ness, he's dazed (save ends).

    3. Oh, hang on, I resist 10 psychic and necrotic damage. So the initial attack wouldn't have dropped me, Green Arrow (and everyone else) would have 10 more HP than he currently does, no one would have dropped and no killing spree would have been gained.

    4. Jon, the 18 damage from spirit flay gets reduced to 8, but you only had 3 hp after stormhawks vengeance went off. That would have reduced you to -5, still enough to trigger the Phoenix rising and blow up the scene. You do however, bring up a good point, flesh rend, which did 10 necrotic damage to you, is nullified. Your back at 11 hp, but still slid to F6.

      GAME ON.

    5. Oops, I completely forgot about the SHV. My bad. In that case, I will go ahead and use my Disruptive Words ability to daze longshot.

    6. Hey, no prob. Longshot is dazed, map updated shortly.

  7. Posting for NC via email:
    The daring acrobat flips backward to the console behind him and begins pulling levers and switches.

    "I vonder vat these do? Only vun vay to find out! Look out below!"

    Move to nearest console square and center a hazard on square G6.

    DM Tech: OK! (4)= another voidsoul pit...three active right now! Alas, the Martian Phoenix is flying above the pit...no hazard effect for him!

    Batman respawns at location 1, the ICY hand of revenge! Map Updated. B-Ice has until Monday morning (930am) to post!

  8. Batman has a brief moment of identity crisis as the powers of Mr. Freeze course through him. The overbearing presence of the large, metallic, undead dwarf in front of him quickly shocks him back into his present reality. "Excuse me sir, I have some unfinished business with that German kid behind you."


    Move: Unbalancing Trick.
    Shift to C4, and I can knock the next target I hit prone.

    Minor: Predatory Eye.

    Standard: Charge to B7, avoiding OA.
    MBA vs Nightcrawler.
    Free: Backstab

    +14 vs AC 19
    Hit: 2d8+4d6+7 damage, and knock him prone (if still conscious).


      (16)+14=30 vs AC19...so hit! For (2+7)+(6+5+6+1)+7+5 from iceman x-gene =39 damage to NC, dropping him to -20 and GIBBING his frozen prone body!


      SUPERMAN respawns at location 3, bamfing around with a German accent. Talk about an eugenics program gone wrong...

  9. Super-crawlers turn is as follows:
    Teleport to F8 (damaging cannonball & Omega Red , then use Augmented 2 Iron Fist on Cannonball (should be +8 vs. AC (+6 +2 CA) 2d12(brutal 2) + 4 damage (using Heroic Effort if needbe) , & Battlemind's Demand to mark Omega Red).

    Bamf! = 5 fire and necrotic damage to OR and CB...OR's Colossus gene absorbs that.
    Aug 2 Iron Fist vs CB:
    (9)+8=17 vs AC 18-6..hit! And he's unconscious, so thats a Coup! (12+12)+4=28 hp...thats enough to GIB Cannonball!
    Omega Red is marked by Battleminds Demand!

    With Deadpools respawn, we're ALL TIED UP The eXiles have lost the lead!

    DP respawns at location 3, back as the Dead Phoenix.

    1. As Kurt just pointed out to me...no duplicate x-genes! I had forgotten that J'onn still the Phoenix card. SO, Deadpool gains storms powers instead.

  10. Fluff:
    “Hmm, I’m now LightningRod… with my invisible buddy LightningTodd. Hey, Batboy, Errol Flynn Wannabe, here’s a present from the LightningRod.” Deadpool throws a small device that says in a pleasant female voice, “EMP detonation in five, four, three. Have a nice day.” BOOM!

    Deadpool saunters over to Superman and puts his arm on his shoulder. “Hey Nightcrawler, buddy, how’s it going? AHHHH!!!! Superfreak what happened to your face. And for the love of all that is holy, please tell me that’s that is a tail in your tights and you are NOT happy to see me.”

    Standard: Lightning strike centered at B6, hitting Green Arrow and Batman. +8 vs. Ref (+9 vs. Green Arrow as he’s bloodied). On a hit 4d6 damage and the target is knocked prone.

    Move: Move to G9

    Minor: Divine Challenge vs. Superman

    1. Lightning strike vs GA: (10)+8=18 vs Ref 13-5...hit!
      Lightning strike vs Batman: (14)+8=22 vs Ref 18...hit!

      Both take (4+6+4+4)=18 lightning damage...GA is GIBBED and Batman drops to 8 hp and proned!

      Superman is challenged!

      Cannonball respawns at location 2, this time as the BERSERKERBALL (wolverine x-gene...wolverball just doesn't sound right).

    2. Oh yes, and the legacy virus kicks in, but you regenerate the hp (as ongoing damage/regen works at the beginning of the turn, and I don't see a dungeon ever willing giving up 5 hp in this match). BERSERKERBALL at full hp!

  11. Smoking a stogie, Sam Guthrie appears in space.

    "Well then. Looks like a party. Good thing I'm the best there is at what I do. Too bad for you, what I do ain't very nice."

    Stomping his stogie, he blasts into a raging cyclone of teeth and claws whirling back and forth from SuperCrawler and IceBat.


    standard action: Berserker Barrage okay.

    I have a 6 speed normally, a +2 power bonus to speed from my Form of Fearsome Ram and I am going to shift 10 squares with this power. My melee basic attacks also allow me to push my target 1 square if I hit (also from Form of Fearsome Ram). I would like to use that ability against Superman to try to knock him into the pit and to push batman away from the console while staying next to it. I want to split my move between Superman and Batman but it will be based on whether or not Superman dies quickly.

    I will shift to E9 and make my basic attack, +7 vs. AC, 1d10+7 damage and push into pit.

    If he still lives (either from not falling or from a miss), shift to D9 then back to E9 and repeat (with +2 for prone if he succeeds on save).

    Then shift D9, C9, B8 and make same attack against Batman. On hit push him one square and shift to B7, repeat until dead. I have 10 squares to shift so if I miss, scoot me back one and then back forward again until Batman dies or I am out of move. I would like to end my move next to the console though.

    In real life, this turn would be easier, but in PBP I have to relay my contingencies and rely on the judgment/math of the DM. :)

    move action: spawn terrain hazard on square G5.

    minor action: see red as berserker haze fades from my eyes.

    1. And this was exactly how I envisioned your turn the second I rolled the wolverine gene! Let's go to the tape!

      Sq1: E9...(18)+7=25 vs AC...hit! for (4)+7=11-3=8 damage. Superman @ 25 hp and pushed towards the pit. Save vs Pit: (14!).

      Sq2: shift to D9.

      Sq3: Shift to E9 and attack again...(14)+9=23..hit! for (10)+7-3=14...Superman @ 11 hp (bloodied!)and pushed again. Save vs Pit: (11)!

      Sq4: Shift to D9.

      Sq5: Shift to E9 and attack again...(7)+9=18 vs AC 17..hit! for (4)+7-3=8 damage...Superman at 3 hp and pushed AGAIN. Save vs Pit: (18!). A mighty stand against the vicious wolverine!

      Sq6: Shift to D9.

      Sq7: Shift to E9 and attack AGAIN. (17)+7=24..hit! for (2)+7-3=6..Superman drops to -3 and is pushed...Save vs Pit: (6)...Superman is GIBBED!

      Sq8: Shift to D9.

      Sq9: Shift to C9.

      Sq10: Shift to B8 and attack Batman...(19)+7=26 vs AC...hit for (10)+7=17 damage...Batman drops to -11 hp.

      ...you earned all 10sqs worth of movement there!

      Move action: Drop a Hazard on G5: (8)= N'Garai Seal...doesn't effect anyone at this point.
      Minor action: Red Haze fades...for now.

  12. Green Arrow, finish up the Fifth Round, you respawns at location 3, your bow covered in icicles! DON'T SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT KID!

    Map updated. Score is currently eXiles 15, Justice League 17.

  13. OOC: Yet again no fluff, just enough time to post this before a friend's wedding...

    Minor: First we charge da Card

    Standard: Paint the Bulls-Eye on Deadpool
    +8 (+4 Heroic Effort) vs AC
    1d10 +10 force damage, push to F10, and allies gain +2 to damage rolls against Deadpool until start of my next turn

    1. +2 to hit from MM's Aura of Combat Advantage

    2. Ok, quick update...two icemans on the board, so GA has gambits card now.

      PtBE vs Deadpool: (14)+10=24...hit! For (7)+10 =17 force damage. DP is at 14 hp and bloodied. Plus he is pushed back one square, towards the pit. Save vs pit: (17)! DP knocked prone in his square!

    3. Lying on his back, Deadpool yells, "Hey Ralphie, I'll shoot your eye out... wait we stopped using that metaphor. Well why waste the shot." Deadpool opens up on Green Arrow anyway.

      Infernal Wrath 1d6+5 fire damage.

    4. IW: (6)+5= 11 fire damage to GA, now at 12 hp!

      DMs turn:
      Y-(7)+1=8....so the hazard drops on H6...(5)= 500 decibel pulse! All w/I three sq are deafened...so that's DP, longshot, and J'onn. In a live match, if you spoke outta turn, I'd GIB you on the spot, as per the card. For pbp, dungeon sets cannot talk with the teammates until respawn. That means no posting out of turn and you can't respond to emails. YOUR ON THE HONOR SYSTEM.

      Map updated shortly. Let's keep round 6 right here, WW respawns at location 1, sporting blue tail and German accent. Nightcrawler is a popular gene right about now!

    5. Oh, Omega red is caught in the sonic pulse as well, he is deafened as well.

  14. sorry no fluff
    Activate with Aspect of the cunning fox (possibly mitigating 1/2 of Deadpools death retaliation if it happens)
    Move Action: Bamf to E8 dealing 5 fire and necrotic damage to Deadpool and Omega Red and gaining combat advantage
    Standard: Melee Basic Attack on Deadpool CA+8 VS AC d10+7 damage (re-roll 1s) using Heroic Effort if necessary
    Deadpool should be at 9 hitpoints after the Bamf, if for some reason his hitpoints are higher also use Power attack on hit (re-roll 1s)
    On Hit if Deadpool is dying: use dual weapon attack on Omega Red CA+8 vs d10+7 (re-roll 1-3) using Heroic effort if necessary and available and power attack if available
    On hit if Deadpool is not dying: use the attack on him

    1. Fluff not needed. Sorry for the delayed post you guys, had to buckle down and focus today in the lab. But back to the game!

      Move: Check. Deadpool takes 5 fire and necrotic, down to 9 hp and bloodied. OR soaks the damage via his Colossus x-gene.

      I think I have this right based on the conditionals...
      MBA vs Deadpool: (8)+10=18...+4 from HE=22..hit! for (3)=7=10 damage. Deadpool drops to -1 hp!
      DWA vs OR: (17)+10=27..hit! for (7)+(9)(power attack)+7-5(colossus)=18 damage. The Red Colossus is still alive @ 5 hp! Resistance stopped the killing spree!

      Now its the dazed Longshots turn. Last lap!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Jesus, I meant to type F8, not F9.

  15. Damnit Martian man, you've ruined my victory lap! Now get out of my spotlight, your ruining my good side!

    Dazed and damned, you think? I'll sustain the MoM power, should target MM, WW, and Omega Red. If I hit MM or WW and they live, slide into the pit. If I hit OR, well damn, sorry man. if he stays up, then slide to B6/7 on top of Batmans body if legal.

    If I get one last Killing spree, Radiant Vengeance against GA, his Ref is easier for me to hit. +4 vs Ref, 1d8+4 radiant damage and I gain 4 THP.

    1. MoM vs MM: (13)+8=21..hit!
      MoM vs WW: (6)+8=14..miss!
      MoM vs OR: (6)+8=14..hit!

      Damage for MM and OR: (10+6+3)=19! MM takes the full, drops to -8 hp and falls into the voidsoul pit! GIBBED!

      Omega Red takes 14, drops him to -9. Killing Spree activated!

      Radiant Vengeance vs Green Arrow: (8)+4=12...thats a big fat MISS. No temp hp for you buddy!

      J'onn, you respawn as a Martian Belle, your genes fused with Rogues in location 2. Map just about to be updated while I await Chinese food.

    2. Oh, quick errata, when WW dropped Deadpool, stormhawks vengeance was supposed to go off. Aspect of the cunning fox halves that, so WW takes 5, is at 21 hp.

  16. The Martian Manhunter, newly reformed quickly moves on top of Omega Red's body and pulls the lifeforce out of the man with the blasty-ass, and redirects it as healing magic to Batman

    Move to C7
    Standard: Using Power Absorption +10 vs. Cannonball's Reflex (+8 +2 CA aura)
    Minor: Skald's Aura on Batman: Healing Surge +1d6

    1. Move to C7, check.

      Power Absorption vs Berserkerball: (10)+10=20..hit! Cannonball is drained of his x-gene, and falls unconscious again! Stop being so lazy Joe!

      MM/Rogue/Wolverine then heals Batman for (2)+6=8 hp. Batman conscious but prone.

      Omega Red respawns at location 1, sporting the archangel card. Weekend posting rules apply!

  17. As per email:

    no fluff:
    Move action to fly to E7, dealing 10 damage to WW.
    Std: Spirit flay vs WW and MM: +7 vs Reflex against both, 1d10+8 and dazed UEoNT.
    Gain concealment UEoNT. If I drop WW below 0, she dies as per angel of death!

    Techno-organic wings: WW down to 11 hp.
    SF vs MM: (2)+8=10..roll a two, drink the hooch!
    SF vsWW: (3)=8=11..miss!
    -->looks the the dice failed you Omega Red!

    Nightcrawler respawns at location 3, a psychic gleam in his eyes, the powers of Cable at his command.

    Map updates tomorrow afternoon.

  18. This shit is NUTS!!! Look at that body count!

    1. Not bad out of a possible 60 total. And still time to send this match into extras!

  19. Nightcrawler grins a wicked grin as one of his eyes sparks with power, making him recall the temporally challenged Nate Grey.

    *MOVE: Moves to E4
    *STANDARD: Charge to C5 using an MBA vs Batman (+6 vs AC, 1d8+2 damage)
    *FREE: As per Nightcrawler's Vanishing Blade ability, upon a successful Melee Attack, I may teleport up to 3 squares. Nightcrawler will teleport to B2

    1. OOC: I don't know what conditions Batman currently has on him and if that would effect my "to hit" vs his AC in any way.

    2. Charge to C5:
      (6)+8 (CA from bats being prone)=14 vs AC..miss!

      No teleport.

      Batman, your up!

  20. The Batman cometh


    Minor: Use skald aura to heal myself surge (6) +1d6.

    Standard: Ranged Basic Attack vs Cannonball (Coup de Grace, provokes from Nightcrawler).
    +8 (+2 CA, -2 prone) vs AC 15 (18-5 unconscious +2 prone)
    Hit: 18 damage, (which should kill him outright).

    Move: Summon random terrain hazard in I3.

    If this triggers a killing spree (however unlikely):
    Standard: MBA vs Nightcrawler
    +8 vs AC 19
    Hit: d8+12+2d6 (sneak attack, CA from Skald Aura)

  21. Ok, a little revision via email b/c you can't coup from 2 squares away!

    Skalds aura: 6+(6)=12...what a lucky bat, now at 20 hp.

    Move action to use unbalancing trick to shift to B7,

    Std action to preform a coup de grace on cannonball: (15)+8=23 vs AC...hit! For 18 damage. Cannonball is GIBBED!

    Score stands at eXiles 17, justice league 18.

    Superman respawns at location 4, SHOTTING LASERS FROM HIS EYES. I LOVE THIS CROSSOVER EFFECT. It just feels RIGHT. Too bad he can't control it, and shoots lasers in the direction of (7)...right at Nightcrawler! He takes 15 radiant damage and is pushed two squares to J3. NC @ 9 hp.

    It's coming down to the wire, 2 dungeoneers on both sides have turns left with a single kill separating the teams at this very moment.

    1. Quick errata, Nightcrawler was actually up in C5, so no optic blast here. Darn, i really thought that power would have more impact on the match than it has. OH WELL.

  22. Supermans turn (per email):
    Move to D8
    Bull rush vs Omega red...+5 vs Fort, push into the voidsoul pit. Use heroic effort if needed.

    (14)+5=19 vs Fort 13...hit!
    Save vs falling into the pit: (19!)...omega red is laid prone by the Man of Steel. How's communism working for you now, Red Son?

    Deadpool, shall you respawn, or shall you take a saving throw?

  23. Deadpool pops his head up for a moment and decides that no good can come of this. He pulls out a pillow and his copy of "Guns and Ammo" before getting comfy and waiting for this all to be over.

    Yes Deadpool takes the death save.

    1. Deadpool is too distracted by a new Russian pistol model to notice whats going on around him, ain't getting up anytime soon!

      Death saving throw: (5)...failed. Stuck at -1 hp.

      Cannonball respawns, the last member of the eXiles to go. He immediately warms up the place, the powers of the Phoenix at his command. He takes five damage from the legacy virus, and starts his turn at location 3 with 23 hp.

  24. Attempt 4 to post from houseboat on a lake. Whew.

    Standard: Form of the fearsome Ram, shift to c9 and target Supes, +7 vs Fort, on hit 2d10+7 damage and target is pushed 3 squares (e8, f7) and knocke prone and I shift adjacent to wonder woman as well. On miss, half damage and push target 1 square and shift into square Supes just vacated.

    If superman knocked into pit, use action point and wild blood frenzy on WW. 2 attacks +7 vs AC, 1d10+10 damage each attack.

    If superman still alive, use action point and same attack, but against Superman +2 due to prone if hit by first attack.

    Move: move to square i8 and mark green arrow as a free action.

    If bloodied by OAs, use minor action to Longtooth shift and gain +2 to damage and regen 2 until end of encounter.

    I am the power of life and death itself! I AM PHOENIX!!!!

    1. Pulling out all the stops, I see!

      Form of the fearsome "Phoenix":
      Shifts to C9, spd currently 8. No OAs there.
      Attack vs Superman: (7)+7+ from flanking with OR= 16 vs Fort 15...hit!...for(3+7)+7=17 damage to superman? Supes @ 16 hp and pushed towards the pit...save vs pit: (14)! Cannonball now adjacent to WW and Superman In E9.

      A P to frenzy:
      Vs WW: (3)+7=10...miss!
      Vs Superman: (12)+9=21...hit! For (2)+10=12 damage. Superman down to 4 hp!

      Move to I8:
      OA from WW: (12)+8=20..hit! For (1)+7=8 damage. Cannonball at 15.
      OA from superman: (7)+6-2 from prone=11...miss!

      Green Arrow is marked! Its all on you GA. Can you tie the score and send us into round 7?!?!

    2. I would like to re-roll my damage with axe expertise if you haven't already taken that into account

    3. Axe Expertise only lets you re-roll if you roll a 1 for damage.

    4. GBM, I hadn't. Cannonball is instead taking (7)+7=14 damage, down to 9 hp.

    5. Cannonball is also bloodied, so I don't forget. +2 to damage and regen 2 for now. Will it matter? We're about to see!

    6. Oops, I should pay more attention to who is posting. I had you confused with Extended Rest.

      Move along folks, nothing to see here, just an idiot who doesn't know how to read. *facepalm*

  25. "Mark me, will you?! Fine! Wondercrawler...Nightwoman...whatever I call you now, quick! Strike while they're distracted!"

    Minor: Inspiring word on WW: HS +1d6

    Standard: Direct the Strike
    WW makes a MBA against Deadpool
    +10 VS AC
    1d10+7 damage (re-roll 1s)

    Move: to M13

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. According to the card, Deafness only lasts 'til respawn (I died on longshot's turn this round), so I'm no longer affected by it.

    2. Oh yes. Never mind then. That's the last time I listen to steamboat joe!

  27. Ok, so GA is marked by cannonball. Direct the strike provokes the OA...
    (2)+7=9...miss! Oh no!

    Direct the strike attack from WW vs Deadpool:
    (6)+10 = 16 vs AC 20-5=15...hit!!! For (9)+7=16 damage! Deadpool drops to -18, GIBBING HIM!!!!

    TIE GAME 18 to 18!

    before I post round 7, it's the DMs turn. The voidsoul pit GA summoned over the southern control panel disappears.

  28. DMs turn:
    X coordinate: (7)+1=8
    Y coordinate: (10)+1=11=K...so K8

    Hazard: (5)= sonic pulse! It hits Cannonball and Green Arrow only! Looks like a hazard won't be deciding this match! The Round 7 post drops here: