FTDM Banner at GenCon Tournament

As if the excitement of the forthcoming Fourthcore Team Deathmatch GenCon 2012 Tournament of Champions wasn't high enough, wasn't already raised to a fever pitch;

The 3ft. x 8ft. full color banner (provided by BannersOnTheCheap.com) has arrived!

Come ye mortals! gaze upon our magnificent sigil and despair!
(Cats provided for scale.)

We're still taking sign-ups for those who wish to rise about the common rabble and secure their place in victory. Email the Dungeon Masters Jon and Rob to reserve your place!


  1. They may look fluffy, but I've seen the black & white one grab a bat out of mid-air and eat it, and the orange one regularly catches cockroaches and slowly tortures and dismembers them for hours before eating them.