RECRUITMENT: Play-by-Post Tournament January & February 2013!

Dungeon Master Ross has a very special surprise that he is extremely excited to share!

Recruitment is now officially open for the grand Play-by-Post TOURNAMENT, encompassing PbP Matches 17, 18, and 19!

Fourthcore Team Deathmatch has evolved throughout the years and come a long way since its inception. We have strode forth to create interesting new killing fields, refined our skill mastery of the D&D 4E system, and created bonds of brotherhood forged in the unrelenting crucible of shared suffering. The FTDM community is finally ready to take the play-by-post experience to this next level of challenge and struggle; namely, Tournaments!

Starting on January 8th, 2013 (immediately after Match 16), Dungeon Master Ross will be orchestrating a grand play-by-post tournament. Ambitious as always, Ross proposes to leap the play-by-post community forward a huge step towards getting as close as possible to the intense excitement of a live Fourthcore Team Deathmatch Tournament.

The tournament will consist of either three or four teams, dependent on number of available dungeoneers, in either a round-robin or single elimination ladder style over three different Fourthcore Team Deathmatch maps (E1M4: Astral Ambush, E3M1: Ambulatory of the Succubus Queen, E9M1: Mutiny on the Hellstrider). Players will be held to a single dungeoneer for the entire tournament, adding an entirely new dimension of challenge to the play-by-post strategy as everyone will be forced, at one point or another, to play a sub-optimal build for the current map.

The tournament will be picking up the same new length-of-play rules, with each match consisting of a short two weeks with 12-hour posting time-limits. Each team will be allowed to email in 1 dungeoneer's turn per round.

Due to the tournament structure, there will be 14-day gaps of time where some teams will be fighting each other, but others will be waiting in the wings and watching from the grandstands. The benefit of this is to not only give the players a short break from the high stakes intensity of a match, but also to accommodate players' schedules and availability as they capitalize on the off weeks to go about their daily lives. Additionally, players may 'tag out' with each other in between matches, sharing a single dungeoneer, if they wish. Each match begins at 12:01am of the stated day and ends at 11:59pm of the stated day. WE ARE GOING BALLS OUT! If you do not end up stressed and panicked by this event, then The Dungeon Master has let you down.

Match 17: January 8 to January 21
Match 18: January 22 to February 4
Match 19: February 5 to February 18 (leniency given for Valentine' weekend)
Match 20 (Tie-Breaker): February 19 to March 4

The tournament is looking to support up to 16 dungeoneers with as many as 2 Assistant Dungeon Masters. The Dungeon Masters are now accepting full teams, partial groups, and lone wolf dungeoneers; with Dungeon Master Ross assembling full teams of four as needed. Sign up now by emailing The Dungeon Master here (please reserve the Comments for legitimate questions and rowdy trash-talk), stating whom you are signing up with (if any) and if any Matches fall under weeks where you are unable to play (if any). As always, new players will be given preferential placement as a means of fostering a welcoming atmosphere of eternal war and hatred towards your fellow man.

Once a team has been filled, each dungeoneer in that team will be notified and able to discuss strategies and tactics among themselves. Upon the dawn of the new year, Recruitment will be closed, match details distributed, and the lines drawn in the sand.

Good hunting, dungeoneers!

Team 1: Brendan Flattery, Marc Talbot, Eric the Cavalier, Jon Green
Team 2: x, x, x, x
Team 3: Pierce Gaithe, Geoff Sergeant, Mason Peatross, Ryan King
Team 4: James Barlow, Kurt Hinderer, Bryan Wells, Steven Ness

Can't get into this match? Want to play on a different map? Desperate to play some FTDM play-by-post? Email The Dungeon Master about running a match!


  1. I AM IN!!

    And I'm willing to co-DM for the match I'm not in, fwiw.

  2. Oh Krom, does this sound amazing!

  3. 3 of the 4 Slay Bells (plus an additional guy I've recruited) are down for combat. I'm not sure of the real names, though. :D Perhaps they'll chime in.

  4. Why not? SIGN ME UP


  5. Hi all forgot to say something, Bryan and I are in on team 4 with James. Anyone else up for becoming an honorary Portlander? I will probably need a proxy for early Feb. as I'm on a business trip then.

    1. I'll take you up on that. I'm listed on Team 2 but I'm still a free agent

    2. Hey hey!

      Looks like we'll definitely have 3 teams, so I'll just set it up so that Team Portland fights in Match #17 and possibly Match #18 (January 8th through February 4th), but will skip Match #19 (Feb 5th through February 18th) no matter what.

      Unless you'd prefer skipping Match 18 and playing Match 19?

      Btw, teams updated.

  6. Please move Jon Green to Team 1, and add Geoff Sergeant to team 3. Jon has agreed to make the move so I can bring in a friend. Thanks Jon!

    1. !!! SUPERB !!!

      If only Graham Leeb would quit whining and join in, you could have an all-Austin Deathmatch team!!!

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  8. I'm in and I promise carnage!