FTDM Match 16, Round 5!

Previous Rounds: 01 , 02&03, 04

Team Ragnorak falls behind after Round 1.  Team Neeson is favored by the Demon.  But for how long?
Only the purifying storms summoned by Ra's Al Ghul can seem to keep the Norse Gods at bay.  Will it be enough?
Luck be a Norse God tonight? 
Christmas Cyberdemon stands ready and waiting...the 12h time limit is lifted until 12/26/12! 
Ragnorak approaches!  Cyclonic Scourge is ruining their day, and the Cyberdemon always seems to have them in his sights! 


  1. Odin returns from the void. Can he make the demons of Neeson pay for their insults to his kin?

  2. Odin has only a few minutes to spare as he re-appears in the battlefield!

    Re-appear in E6 with 9 THP
    Minor: Heal Balder - HS+1d6
    Standard: Race the Arrow against Qui-Gon +6 vs. AC, 1d10+4 Damage. If it hits, Loki can charge Qui-Gon with a +4 to attack & damage.
    Move: If Qui-Gon is dead, walk over and stand on his corpse, avoiding the OA from Oskar

    1. OOC: Sounds like Deuce is off driving through the snow right now, so I'll post the turn.

      Balder heals for (1)+8 to be revived at 9 HP. CLUTCHING ONTO LIFE!

      Race the Arrow vs. Qui-Gon: (19)+6 fuck yeah! vs. AC 20 +2; hit with 3 to spare!
      for (9)+4 damage {Qui-Gon at 4 HP} and lokich-ch-ch-ch-charges!

      ELDRITCH CHARGE! vs. Qui-Gon: (9)+8 +1 {charge} +4 {Arrow Racing} vs. AC 20 +2; hit!
      !!! TEAM COMBO STRIKE !!!
      for d8(4)+5 +5 {Disciple of Destriction} + ... am I missing anything?
      14 damage drops Qui-Gon down to dying at -10 hp

      Also, Loki is listed at -8 HP, but I'm assuming either that is incorrect or I'm missing some vital piece of information that made that charge a legal action.

      Opportunity Attack vs. Odin: (5)+2 vs. AC 17; miss!

      RESPAWN: Aslan has come, Aslan is risen, Aslan will come again.

      Location #4.

    2. OOC: No, that is correct, the Cyberdemon dropped Loki to -8 at the end of the last round.

    3. [OOC]
      Still around, haven't left JUST yet! I was writing up a post as Ross stepped up to bat!

      And yes, Loki is down at -8 hp, Would you like to rethink your action Jon?

    4. Jon: Did you mean for Balder to charge? The dude you just healed? I'll take DUNGEON MASTER FIAT and assume so and have him crawl through the flames and take a prone opportunity attack from Herr Schindler. The mistake couldn't have been whom you wanted to heal, as you only had yourself and Balder as valid targets.

      Eldritch Strike-Charge gets erased, Qui-Gon is still standing at 4 HP.

      OA vs. Balder: (3)+2 +2 {prone} vs. AC 18 +2; miss!

      Balder Charges Qui-Gon: (5)+3 +1 {charge} +4 {Arrow Racing} vs. AC 20 +2; miss!

      Moving on!

    5. Oops, I thought Loki was the Revanent & could still charge, my mistake. Any reason you re-rolled the charge attack on Qui-Gon? I'm fine with keeping the first one. =)

    6. OOC: Geez, I really should have double checked things. Balder is the one with the crap charge. That's what I get for a really fast post from my phone.

      Dang it!

  3. OOC: Assumption: to make the charge, I assume Balder is in E11. Let me know if I am wrong.

    “Oh false god of the northern wind, prepare for the heat of summer! Oh, yeah and Odin, time for the repeat of last time we meet.” Aslan springs into battle clawing Odin and then letting out a mighty roar.

    Move: use the move power from Open the Gates of Battle to move to F12 (w/ the aid of the cyclone).
    Standard: Open the Gates of Battle on Odin +6 vs. Ref. 3d10+5 damage. If Odin is above 6 hp, I use Flurry of Blows on him for 3 points of damage. If he’s below I use it on Balder.
    Minor: Sustain cyclone.
    AP: Steel Wind on Balder and Odin (close blast 2, targets only enemies). +6 vs. Reflex. 1d8 + 5 damage. If I haven’t used Flurry of Blows (if I missed with the first attack) on Balder.
    Aslan takes 10 points of damage from the fire.

    1. [OOC]
      I'm back! Updates in moments!

    2. [Carnage]
      So first things first, Odin takes 10 fire damage from the courtyard and is at 23/24 hp. Second, Odin is WAY too far away from Aslan to open his wardrobe of battle, revisions coming!

  4. Damn you bad map update, that was such a sweet set up.

    Move: steal wind to G12 (move+2).
    Standard: Steal wind +6 vs. ref. 1d8+5+3 flurry of blows which pulls him to F12
    Minor: sustain cyclone (because it's so much fun).
    no AP

    1. [Carnage]
      Hey, no problem! It's what happens when dead men charge!

      Steel wind vs Balder: (18)+6=24 vs Reflex 18..hit! for (8)+5+3=16 damage.
      !Ghetto crit! He drops to -7 hp.
      Balder slid to F12...saving throw for hindering terrain...(5)..Balder now in F12 and flanked by the jedi, the lion, and the fiery courtyard!

      Cyclone sustained. Aslan takes 10 fire damage and is at 13 hp.

      Balder, up and at them! Map update incoming!

  5. [OOC]
    Matt was having some issues posting, so this turn is via twitter:

    "Trying to post, mobile browser is terrible for that. Twin Strike against Aslan, +7 vs AC, add Hunter's Quarry if I hit"

    Twin strike (18 & 7)+7 vs AC 19...one hit! for d8(5)+d6(1)=6 damage. Aslan dropped to 7 hp.

    Balder is consumed by the fiery courtyard as he drops to -17 and is GIBBED. Boy, does it take a lot to kill these Norse.

    So, who is it who we should praise for his tricks?
    Who is it who we should applaud for his wit?
    Who is it who we should prize for his quips?
    Why, you, Loki, you, Loki, you respawn at location 4!

  6. The smoke swirls around, condensing into a solid humanoid form. He causally strolls forward, until he spies a target. Snickering to himself, he shouts out.

    I smell the blood of an Englishman,
    Be he live, or be he dead
    I'll grind his bones to make my bread."

    Spinning around, he throws himself backwards doing cartwheels, jumping up and lashing out with his arm, turning the flesh of his hand into a sharp metal blade.

    Move: 09
    Minor: Curse Ra's
    Standard: Charge to L6 with Eldritch Strike against Ra, +9 vs AC (16), 2d8+2d6+5 damage, +5 if attack bloodies.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. cartwheel as he might, that isn't a legal charge.

  8. Crunch: Well then, how about this.

    Move: I16
    Minor: Curse Aslan
    Standard: Chains of Levistus against Aslan, +5 vs AC (14), 4d6+5 cold and psychic damage, +5 if attack bloodies, +2d6 cold damage if Aslan moves before EoNT.

    1. [OOC]
      If the player changes his mind, the DM does not complain. Silly me for jumping the gun there.

      Aslan is cursed.

      CoL: (15)+5= 20 vs Fortitude 16, not AC...hit! Aslan takes (1+1+6 Deathmatch!!+2)+5 +5 from bloodying him = 20 total damage. Aslan drops to -7 hp. Loki does not burn, but is put within the sights of Monsieur Cyberdemon!

      Boss Oskar Neeson is up!

  9. [Bosskar]

    "What is a life worth to you? Is it worth 5 blasts from my Plasma Rifle?"


    Standard: Blast Odin with all 5 shots from the Plasma Rifle.

    Move: Run to the Pentagram, taking a detour to use the Cyclone [Move to G13 to use the cyclone for 2 extra squares, then finish the run action to move to the Pentagram]

    1. [Carnage]
      Pew pew pew pew pew!

      Plasma rifle vs Odin: (15, 9, 17, 3, 17)+6 vs Reflex: 4 hits for 20 damage! Odin drops to 3 hp.

      No "Run" needed to get to the Pentagram by my count. All within sight of archway (3) are blasted with fire...sadly no one!

      Jedi Neeson up next! Map updated shortly.

  10. OOC: No time for fluff, just the Jedi apologizing to his furry brother and becoming better with the weaponry

    Reload and fire rocket at Odin

    1. [Carnage]
      Rocket Launcher reloaded and fired at Odin: (11)+8= 19 vs AC 17. Hit! for (2+1+3+6+2+6) =20 fire and thunder damage! Odin dropped to -17 and viciously GIBBED!
      !!!DOUBLE DEATHMATCH!!! Qui-Gon finishes what Oskar started!

      Thor respawns at location 2, away from the cyclone of doom! Hot dice, come and get 'em!

  11. Thor flings Mjolnr impotently at the local god of the arena, the Cyberdemon, then races back into glorious battle! Skidding around the corner, the Asgardian kicks off the wall heedless of any future attack, and rockets towards Ra's al Ghul. "Again, mortal who defies death, you face the wrath of Mjolnr!" he shouts as the massive hammer flies back down into his outstretched hand.

    Move: run to H-3
    Standard: charge to K-4, using Howling Strike against Ra's
       Attack: +6 +1 (charge) +2 (juggernaut) -5 (running) = +4 vs AC 16
       Hit: 2d6 brutal +1d6 +6 +4 (wounding) damage
       On a crit: extra MBA: +6 vs AC 11; 2d6 brutal +10 damage

    1. [OOC]
      Mjolnir, I hardly knew her!

      Howling Strike Charge: (17)+4=21 vs AC 16. No staff of defense is gonna save that!
      Damage: (4+4+4)+10=2 damage. Ra's dropped to 4 hp and bloodied.

      Thor takes 10 fire damage from the courtyard and is at 18 hp.

      Tell me oh great and powerful Ra's, what is best in life?

  12. "A triffle, dear Dungeon Master: to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, to hear the lamentation of the Valkyries."

    Ra's then takes a bold move, a well calculated risk from Sun Tzu's 'The Art of War', or his own masterwork 'Ra's Al Ghul's Super Secret Unseen Occult Scroll of War'


    Standard Action: Charm of misplaced Wrath against Thor +5 vs. will

    Effect: He makes a basic attack against himself with a +2 bonus to damage.

    Hit: slide him to I3.

    Minor Action: sustain arcane whirlwind.

    1. [Carnage]
      Ra's stays where he is, provoking the OA from thor: (8)+3= 11 vs AC 16..miss!

      CoMW: (7)+5=12 vs Will 11..hit! Will Mjolner turn on thor? MBA: (3)+3=6 vs AC 19...miss! Thor is dazed and slid to I3.

      Whirlwind sustained.


    Vs Loki: (11)+8=19 vs AC 13..hit for 20 fire and thunder damage. Loki dropped to 12 hp and bloodied.

    vs Thor: (4)+8=12 vs AC 19..miss!

    Round 6 start here: