Coming Soon: PbP Tournament #1 on January 8th (Match 17 & 18)

Fourthcore Team Deathmatch has evolved throughout the years and come a long way since its inception. We have strode forth to create interesting new killing fields, refined our skill mastery of the D&D 4E system, and created bonds of brotherhood forged in the unrelenting crucible of shared suffering. I think the FTDM community is finally ready to take the play-by-post experience to the next level: Tournaments.

Starting on January 8th, 2013 (immediately after PbP Match 16), Dungeon Master Ross will be orchestrating a grand play-by-post tournament. Ambitious as always, Ross proposes to leap the play-by-post community forward a huge step towards getting as close as possible to the intense excitement of a live Fourthcore Team Deathmatch tournament.

The tournament will consist of either 3 or four teams, dependent on number of available dungeoneers; in either a round-robin or single elimination ladder style over three different FTDM maps (E1M4, E3M1, E9M1). Players will, of course, be held to a single dungeoneer for the entire tournament, adding an entirely new dimension to the play-by-post strategy. Assuming all goes well in Matches 15 and 16, the tournament will be picking up the same new length-of-play rules, with each match consisting of 3 weeks with 12-hour posting time-limits.

A full-scale announcement effort and new Recruitment post will be forthcoming in December. The match is looking to ideally support up to 16 dungeoneers and many as 2 Assistant Dungeon Masters. If you, just like myself, are frothing at the bit and simply cannot wait to join in this historic Fourthcore event, begin making those emails etc. and assembling your elite squadron of badass dungeon crushers. When the Recruitment goes live, we will begin accepting full teams, partial groups, and lone wolf dungeoneers; with Dungeon Master Ross assembling full teams of 4 dungeoneers as needed. Upon the dawn of the new year, Recruitment will be closed, match details distributed, and the lines drawn in the sand.

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