Q: How long do 'end of the encounter' effects last? What conditions are cleared with Respawn?

I bumped this up the timeline to spotlight an area which has come under some scrutiny and caused some confusion recently.

A: Rules-as-Written; effects with the duration of "end of encounter" last the entirety of a match. They are the only conditions that are not removed from Respawn. Typically, if an effect has a duration of "end of ___ turn" or "(save ends)", it is removed on Respawn.


  1. How do Barbarian Rages and Warden Forms work? They typically end on falling unconscious OR until end of encounter, do they still work this way?

  2. I forget how we've ruled on Warden forms, I imagine it's gone the same way of Barbarian rages; which is to say, the effect tends to last the entire encounter.

    Pretty baller awesome, right!?!?