Manifesto - go fuck yourself!

DooM RPG is a fast-paced, tactical roleplaying game that evokes the spirit of its 1993-era video game forbearer. DooM is visceral, brutal, and unforgiving. It presents complicated challenges on a fundamental level, testing the abilities of the players themselves in their capacity to act quickly, work for the betterment of a team, and execute intricate solutions to defeat both puzzles and more traditional enemies all while under extreme pressure. This game utilizes a wide array of tools to achieve its goals, integrating both traditional RPG dynamics hand-in-hand with player-versus-player, deathmatch style play.

DooM RPG is not a big, inclusive tent. DooM isn't here to be popular or to please any crowds. DooM doesn’t give a shit about your character’s emotional growth, lovingly crafted backstory, or even their fucking name. Instead, DooM exists to test you. This game explored how you, a real person, struggle with difficult mental challenges, what sacrifices you are willing to make for a greater goal, and how much risk you are willing to undertake in the pursuit of tantalizing rewards. It is some testosterone-filled macho bullshit.

DooM RPG serves as a low entry-threshold creative outlet, providing the basic framework from which every player at the table players can hang their fiendish designs, either as puzzles or as solutions to existing problems. With this, DooM goes far beyond what its digital competitors or older tabletop incarnations can offer with one simple fact; the entity creating your battleground is a living, thinking person that can easily create new and engaging challenges without the limits of processing power, network connectivity, or development time. During Deathmatch, DooM players are not competing against some anonymous nobody from across the globe, but are instead staring in the face of their enemy from across the table.


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