Online Live Event: Saturday March 23rd


As many of you know, a transgression has been recently made during the recent Fourthcore Team Deathmatch OnLive Roll20 March 1st Match of Champions (FTDMOLR2M1MoC). The punishment has now been served.

Dungeon Master Andy fucking Kotch is pulling together a single FTDM match, online but live via the Roll20 app, on Saturday March 23rd, 12:00 pm (Noon), Eastern Standard Time. The match will be played on James Barlow's excellently designed E5M3: PAC-MAN and will last 2 hours.

The first eight players to Comment here or on the similar thread on our Google+ Community with a commitment to play get in. Already, three have made their commitment.

If this event gets full and you want in, suggest a date, time, and map to play and the FTDM community will try and pull it together.

Many lessons have been learned since our last foray into this idiom. The field of battle will be improved since last you saw it for increased speed and functionality. The match will be kept private, however spectators will be directed to a LIVE SIMULCAST of this event.

Good hunting!


  1. I have tiny changes to make following Jon's comments after Gencon (ok, yeah, been on the backburner).

    Shall I implement?

    Also, need to talk to wife again, but would be stoked to play this map too!

    1. Sounds like you are Dungeoneer #6!

      I think some changes would be fine, so long as we communicate them to everyone involved by March 16th when teams are decided and the real strategy sessions begin.

    2. Boom, done. More teeth to the fruit, and less to the energizers. Also slightly less confusing timing on fruit/energizers. Still need to update the one-page rulesheet.

      Also, fruit with teeth sounds so very Fourthcore... hrm...

  2. Are we going to have any more online play?

    1. Absolutely! When did you want to run a game? ;)

    2. I've got a map that's gonna need testing, so I hope so. The impetus to actually get around to finishing it would be enough interest in a PbP match. I'm sure either myself or Kurt could run it.

      E5M4 - Carbon Freeze (coming soon to an FTDM near you)